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Wrecking & dismantling services in Darwin



If your car is a wreck and not fit for anything but the junkyard, give the team at Atlas Auto Spares a call.

We provide affordable wrecking services to get rid of vehicles that have reached the end of their life and are now just sitting around taking up space. Specialising in Fords, Holdens and Toyotas, our team can wreck any make and model of vehicle. We can even dismantle 4WDs and commercial vehicles.

There are many benefits of having a vehicle wrecked, including freeing up your garage or yard, earning money, and assisting other people who are looking for parts. Before your car is completely wrecked, our mechanics pull out any salvageable parts from your car to recycle and resell.

Our experienced team will come and pick-up your vehicle. Our fleet of flatbed tow trucks makes it easy to move vehicles that can't run or aren't safe to be on the road. We also offer cash for cars, which we pay when our mechanics see the vehicle in person.

When we come to collect your vehicle, it's important that you've removed all your personal belongings from the vehicle and removed both the front and rear number plates. At time of collection, our team will also ask for your identification, and proof of ownership.

Once your vehicle has been wrecked, rest assured that all scrap is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. We aim to ensure wrecked cars aren't an eyesore and don't cause any significant negative impact on our local community.

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